Welcome 2023!

This is Jynx! Our new Border Collie mix rescue pup. We adopted her in November when she was around 9 weeks old. She is such a LOVE!! She is an equal-opportunity kisser and snuggler, licking and nuzzling everyone she meets. While we will always love our Luna, this girl has already set up residency in... Continue Reading →

Just Kim

I woke up today fully knowing it's my last day as a Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I have known for a while that at some point in the near future that, aligning with my husband's retirement, I would wrap this chapter up and move on to something new. Or in this case, something old.... Continue Reading →

In The Flow

You just know when you're in that flow. When time goes by and everything disappears. You might even forget to eat! Well, that almost never happens to me. Where you're driven by happiness, working in your bliss and loving every minute, you just know you are who you were created to be. This has been... Continue Reading →

Free Time!

Isn't that the dream?? Working less (whether at home or at our vocation) and having more Free Time? My husband and I had the opportunity to unplug and head off to a little mountain cottage for an overnighter. While only two and a half hours away, it was like a little trip to a simpler,... Continue Reading →


As we roll on closer to winter, I am already anticipating spring. It's not that I am not living in the "now," as they say. I appreciate winter with it's shorter, yet increasing, daylight, it's quiet, rest and slumber. And of course, the holidays! But, spring is a few short months away and with the... Continue Reading →

You Can Change Your Mind

Yes, really. You can. You may. You are allowed. Give yourself that permission. I know sometimes we make a situation permanent when it doesn't need to be. Especially when it's very public. For me, I just recently announced a huge new fitness company platform. Fierce and Fit was going to be coming in the near... Continue Reading →

My Little Adventure

A Beautiful Fall Street in Lewisburg, PA Some people are naturally adventurous. I am. In my head. In my spirit. In my dreams. But not necessarily in real life. Anxiety is my traveling companion, and stay-at-home companion as well, to be honest. It takes me a good bit of determination to step out into the... Continue Reading →

Aging (a poem)

me and my beautiful grandmother, Charlotte. The years advancing. Wrinkling skin. Graying hair. Or loss of it. Dimming of eyesight, and mind. Weakening and bending of the body as decades of gravity take its toll. Tiredness, and the need for more and more rest. The trail of time behind us grows longer and longer still,... Continue Reading →

Be Fierce

What does that phrase mean to you? How would you describe "fierceness?" When you picture a fierce person do you envision a fighter? Are they tough and determined? Or do you imagine someone who is angry, or violent? Would you define fierce in a positive or a negative way? For me, being fierce is about... Continue Reading →

What Growing Up Poor Taught Me

I grew up in the 1970's and 80's in a tiny 1,100 square foot rancher on an acre in Bucks County, Pa. We had three small bedrooms for 5 of us, and just one itty-bitty bathroom. The rest of the house was a kitchen and a living room and an unfinished basement where my dad... Continue Reading →

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